What is this blog?

Beautiful view from the Panecillo in Quito, Ecuador

Well, it’s a blog about everything. “De todo un poco” like we say in Spanish, a bit from everything. About life as a latina in Europa, about travel, about weekends, about traditions, about the changing seasons, about yummy cooking, about, about, about! But since I am not so good with the writing part of blogs, I will communicate through my pictures. I come from Ecuador but live in Munich (voilá the name of the blog) together with my husband. We came to Deutschland to study  with plans of going back home eventually. Ten years later I don’t see that happening anytime soon! I have always liked photography but now I have reached an obsessive-compulsive type of level with the editing part of photography. I discovered Lightroom and then my husband lost me forever to photo editing 🙂

So I want to offer you my obsession services. Don’t you wish you had the time to edit all of those thousands of pics you took on your last holiday? How about the last Christmas reunion with the familia? All of these beautiful moments that just wait forever to be edited and published or printed. No worries I got you! Literally everyone I know loves to travel and to take pictures but never had the time to edit them, so they started sending me their pictures, I started editing them, they ended up happy and thus my hobby began!

Follow me on my travels and let me take care of yours.

Nos vemos!

Trash the dress
Trash the dress. Wedding in Ecuador 2015

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María del Carmen Villafuerte de Almeida: Sí, that's my whole name. I'm a married Ecuadorian living in Germany's coolest city, München that is. I'll be helping you refresh your Spanglish through my aventuras with my familia around the world.

4 thoughts on “What is this blog?

  1. Great story! I flew to Germany last June, studying my German phrase book, then ended up the first three nights in a hostel with the Uruguayan judo team, practicing Spanish. I’m teaching in Aachen but love Munich too. Spent two weeks in Peru last year. Proxima vez, Ecuador! Gary

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