Cooking Wild Mushrooms – Wildshrooms!

Wild mushrooms

Boil E’m, Mash Them, Stick Them In A Stew

If you are a fan of “El señor de los anillos” (Lord of the Rings) you’ll know what this means 🙂
So today’s special is the famous “Chiodini” or honey mushrooms. Fact número uno: these mushrooms cannot be eaten raw (Nein, nein, nein”)!!! They have a toxin, which can only be eliminated by cooking them. Don’t  experiment with mushrooms. You have to go with an expert and you must really learn which ones are poisonous and which ones aren’t. Comprende? Good. These honey mushrooms dudes look like this:

Cut them nicely with a knife and collect them in a basket. The small ones with the small heads are the best. Sadly we couldn’t find that many small ones because we were one week too late (Latinos like a boss). Enjoy the day in the woods, the fresh air, the autumn weather and then head back home and prepare your “Wildshrooms”.

Step número uno: Clean them

With a knife peel the stem until it’s nice and white, do the same with the caps, which have small hairs. Peal them a bit until they look brand new like the picture on the right.

Step número dos: Wash them, wash them, wash them

Honey mushroom

Step número tres: Never forget to cook the honey mushrooms well


For the toxins to be destroyed you have to boil them for at least 30 minutes. Because I never exaggerate about anything at ALL, I cooked them for 1 hour (OK OK, maybe a bit more) just to make muy sure the toxins were dead. But dead dead, not Jon-Snow-type of dead. As soon as you see foam building up, take it all out, over and over until no more foam is visible. After that rinse them and drain them well.

Here you can see the tres steps: From right to left uno, dos tres.

Your wildshrooms will have a sweet smell when cooked, it’ll make your autumn afternoons that much cozier 🙂

Once they are cooked the possibilities are endless. Our favourite way to eat them though, is to fry them with olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin and some herbs and serve them together with polenta. BTW there’s something about going to the woods and collect your own food; I think it automatically makes the food tastier. The perfect autumn dish! Do you know any recipes with “wildshrooms”?

Buen provecho!

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