Christmas presents guide to avoid stares in Spanish from the familia

Oh the weather outside is (actually not so) frightful!

Another post about Navidad, so as always, put your headphones on and click here.

It’s official, we hopped on the Christmas train. Together with our Christmas socks we visited the Haidhausen Weihnachtsmarkt, hopelessly looking for original presents to take to the familia in Ecuador. You know, for those members of the family who always say they don’t want/need anything because they already have too much and then they stare at you in Spanish when you buy them a bottle of vino.  I gotta say this Christmas Market didn’t disappoint, it gave me some really good ideas. Our first stop was of course a little Glühwein to warm our bellies.

So the kids (or guaguas like we say in Quito) are normally the easiest, but we refuse to buy them things from Toys R us or Amazon. We buy local and we buy special things. Here are some muy buenas ideas:

  • Christmas ornament earrings, which just rock
  • Wood games/puzzles
  • Knitted tiny gloves for babies
  • Cool winter hats for kids
  • Christmas/Winter books
  • Cookie stamps
Viktualienmarkt, München
Traditional cookie stamps

The adults are not always so easy and the most terrifying one is always the mama. She gave you life, so the least you can do is give her a descent Christmas present. So for her and also some tías I always search for original things, normally for the house. I don’t always get to spend Christmas in Ecuador so I like to give them some Christmas decorations for them to take out every December. This little moving-with-the-candle type of German decoration it’s a really nice present.


For the people you see constantly I found it a good idea to buy them a collection of little decorations, for example these little houses, every year you can give them one. In time they will build their own little city.

Christmas Decoration in Marienplatz
Christmas Decoration in Marienplatz

Regalos de navidad (Christmas presents) for my abuelita, the woman who raised me and made me who I am #nopressurenot. For this we headed to the Innenstadt München. You gotta understand, it is one thing to disappoint a normal mother with a bad present; it is a completely another level when you disappoint a Latina mama with a bad present. It will haunt you, just like the chancla does, for the rest of your life. So as I got older & wiser (or maybe just more scared) I learned that you cannot buy a latin mama just one Christmas present. So I buy her “de todo un poco” (from everything a little). Here, I’ll spread my wisdom:

  • Make up from the summer collection (Winter colors are too dark for Ecuador’s weather)
  • Lavender/Rose/Almond oil for hair and body
  • Vintage Ornaments for the tree
  • A vintage/elegant jewel box (very hard to find good ones in Ecuador)
  • A nice blouse for the 25th of December, when we go to church (Latinos #likeaboss)
  • Recipes book à la Jamie Oliver
  • A nice brooch but it has to be very specific, my abuelita for instance loves owls and frogs (si that’s weird I know)

If you’ve got teenager it’s pretty easy: Cool clothing. With Zara, Mango, H&M and Pull&Bear you cannot go wrong.

I hope I gave you some Christmas inspiration for the holiday season. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll go back to our Glühwein. Have a merry Friday!




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