What to do in Bangkok – Part 1

Bangkok - Thailand

If the world would end in 3 days, this is how you would tour in Bangkok.

If you have more time than that, then you should probably take it down a notch BUT, like my abuela always says, “Mijita duerme cuando estés muerta, mientras tanto vive!”, meaning you can sleep when you’re dead, in the meantime live!

Image result for sawadee kap
So, we left Munich with Etihad Airlines and after a quick stop in Abu Dhabi we arrived in Bangkok. Even though we got there at night, it was like 32 degrees outside and what it felt like 150% humidity, so we took a taxi to the hotel. Our hotel was on the other side of the river, it took about 45 min to get there but so worth it! We stayed at the Baan Wanglang Hotel and we will probably stay here for the next 1000 times we’ll be coming back to Bangkok.  After practicing our “Sawadee kah”, we headed to nearest restaurant, dying to try some Thai food. First dish at this hipster restaurant was Khao Pad (Fried Rice) in a pineapple and in front of us the Grand Palace, I mean c’mon 😀

Bangkok - Thailand (4)Bangkok - Thailand (3)Bangkok - Thailand (5)Bangkok - Thailand (6)

So day número 1 was a crazy one. Us and the humidity became one the second we stepped out of the hotel. The street had completely transformed over night into a colorful, loud and beautifully chaotic street market.

Bangkok - Thailand (10)Bangkok - Thailand (9)

It was so hot we went straight to the thai coffee lady. Fear took control over my mind, as I saw where the ice for the coffee was coming from; you would think being latinos would prepare us better for these type of things but is the exact opposite. My esposo looked at me with his “do not start with your tonterías” stare so, like Buddha I let go and embraced possible cholera. Thai drinks are muy muy buenos, so after my second coffee within one hour I was like chole-what? Don’t ask me how, but from that moment on we only ate at the street markets and NEVER got sick. Take my advice: do not book hotels incl. breakfast. Go out and adventure, this is THE city to do it.

Bangkok - Thailand (8)

While we were sipping our third thai coffee, we took the ferry, which is extremely cheap, to cross over to the grand palace. I took a scarf to cover my shoulders but it turned out it wasn’t enough, so I had to wear a t-shirt and we were both wearing pants covering our knees. Always be respectful of their King and Buddha. In October 2016 Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away so there were a lot of thai people mourning for their King at the Grand Palace. There is a mourning period of one year, and then we understood why most people are wearing black and every store is selling black clothing. Tourist don’t have to wear black, but out of respect they ask you to wear somber colors which we did.

Bangkok - Thailand (23)Bangkok - Thailand (13)

Bangkok - Thailand (12)

Bangkok - Thailand (14)

Another tip: wear sandals as you need to take your shoes off when you enter the temples. Enter the Grand Palace and then TAKE YOUR TIME. You need to take everything in from this amazing place. You will never ever see such elaborated details, walls, doors, statues like in this place. Oh and take at least 1 litre water otherwise you could die out of dryness.

Bangkok - Thailand (19)Bangkok - Thailand (18)

Bangkok - Thailand (17)

Por favor look at the walls of this temple. Take a good camera with you, let go of those iPhone pictures 😀

Bangkok - Thailand (15)Bangkok - Thailand (16)Bangkok - Thailand (21)Bangkok - Thailand (20)Bangkok - Thailand (22)

Next stop was the Wat Pho just down the street from the Grand Palace. It houses the famous Reclining Buddha and it is known as the official casa of traditional Thai massage. Thai massage is that thing that will make you understand that money CAN buy happiness. Whoever says it doesn’t, it’s because they haven’t had a Thai massage.

Bangkok - Thailand (31)Bangkok - Thailand (30)Bangkok - Thailand (29)Bangkok - Thailand (32)

The Reclining Buddha is 15 meters high and 46 meters long, his posture represents the entry of Buddha into Nirvana and the end of all reincarnations.

Bangkok - Thailand (24)Bangkok - Thailand (25)

I was a fan of Buddhism way before I came to Thailand. However, my inspiration went through the roof after experiencing a Buddhist culture like this. They are reaaaaally devoted but somehow is the only religion where this doesn’t disturb anyone. The whole religion revolves around spiritual development where nothing is fixed or permanent, actions have consequences and change is possible. Women aren’t portrayed as a walking sin and it enables people to use its teachings to be fully responsible for their vidas. So they are actively searching for all the good things in life and it shows. The whole country has a “vibra positiva”, people ALWAYS smiling, always happy and very, very respectful. We all could learn a thing or two from them 🙂 After asking for blessings from the Lord Buddha…

Bangkok - Thailand (28)Bangkok - Thailand (27)

we headed to a specific restaurant that I wanted to try out. Needless to say we didn’t find it as we got lost haha but getting lost in Bangkok pays off. Look what we saw…

Bangkok - Thailand (34)Bangkok - Thailand (35)Bangkok - Thailand (36)Bangkok - Thailand (37)Bangkok - Thailand (38)

Oh and this green maravilla is called “Morning glory”. So simple and yet muuuuuuy yummy! Oh oh and those tiny street restaurants like on the pic are the places you have to look for when searching for authentic Thai food. If you are not Thai you will definitely not tolerate the levels of spiciness found in this country so it’s better if you learn the words “mai ped” meaning not spicy. Don’t be surprised if they give you my husband’s famous “do not start with your tonterías” stare. It’s just hard for them to understand why we can’t eat what I can only describe as dragon fire. Still, the flavors are unbelievable to the point where you don’t care if you burst into flames, you simply can’t stop eating. After our, ahem, fourth café del día…

Bangkok - Thailand (40)

we were ready for our first sunset at the Wat Saket. EASY one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. There are little bells all over the roof, ringing all day long with the wind. It’s pure peace up here. This is where you become a Buddhist 😀

Bangkok - Thailand (41)Bangkok - Thailand (44)Bangkok - Thailand (46)

As it was Friday it meant we had date night so we made our first appearance at one of Bangkok’s many rooftop bars. One that I really recommend is the  Above Eleven Bar. It’s kinda far away but with a tuk-tuk everything is fun! Importante: Make sure to fix the price before you jump into the tuk-tuk fun.

Bangkok - Thailand (51)Bangkok - Thailand (47)Bangkok - Thailand (48)

This bar is pretty pricey for Thailand but the food…ay Dios mío! And the view…ay Virgen María! This is exactly what we work for 😉


So this was day número 1 in Bangkok. We left the hotel at 8am and came back al 12pm. This was the day I fell in love with Thailand and its people. And also the day I realized I take my abuela’s advices waaaaaay too seriously.

Sawadee kaaaaaahhh until day número 2 🙂

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15 thoughts on “What to do in Bangkok – Part 1

  1. Looks like a fantastic time! One thing I do remember vividly about Bangkok was the sweltering heat and humidity. We would venture out in the morning, return to our hotel, shower, go out for a little bit longer, and then have to retreat into the AC until it was about 4pm. I love the pictures of the architecture.

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  2. Me encanta la narración , es súper nice y entrenida. Más que una muestra turística , te adentra en la “pure escence ” del país. Me ha hecho pensar en un posible próximo viaje…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gorgeous photographs! You obviously had a wonderful time. I was in Thailand maybe 22 years ago and didn’t take a solitary photograph. I was traveling alone and just never seemed to have a camera.

    I was in Thailand in the month of April and it was brutally hot. All I ever drank (besides their whisky) was watermelon shakes. The waitresses even laughed at me because I drank them down one after another. I wish I had spent a little more money on food. I usually only ate soup with white rice. I was on a real budget. I remember staying in a $5 per night “shed”. Yes, I would love to go back again and travel a little more extravagantly.

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    1. Oh yeah! I had the time of my life I am in love with Thailand 🙂 Well when travelling as a student that tends to happen hehe but now you can go back and spend all your money and even if you are broke afterwards it’ll still be worth it 😀

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