What do to in Bangkok – Part 3

Bangkok when you tour like the apocalypse is coming in 72 hours

You know that song “Despacito” that’s been getting into our limbic system for what it feels like 14 years now?

Despacito meme

Well there is nothing despacito about Bangkok and you shouldn’t despacito your way into the city either. Bangkok has more sides to it than a latin woman, so on our third day we slept less hours, woke up earlier, drank more thai coffees and headed to Chinatown!

Bangkok-Thailand (3)Bangkok-Thailand (2)

You see those yummy summer rolls? Here’s what happened:

  • Me: Oye that green sauce smells really picante!
  • Esposo: Ay you know nothing watch and learn.
  • Me: Dios mío you are really becoming a Th….
  • Esposo: Grrghh… cough-cough-cough…Dios mío I can’t breath…OMG I might die!!!

I wanted to give him credit but didn’t even finish the sentence and he was already becoming a dragon. So behold the spicy sauces when in Thailand! While my esposo was probably seeing this:

Cat Meme.PNG

we took the ferry to cross over the river, which you should always do as it’s not only fun but really cheap.
Bangkok-Thailand (4)Bangkok-Thailand (5)

And so we arrived at Chinatown. It’s a really interesting part of the city, believe it or not even more chaotic than the other parts we were at in BKK. It can be a bit overwhelming because it’s so full and you actually feel like you are in China, so certain breaks are to be taken.

Bangkok-Thailand (9)

Bangkok-Thailand (8)

Bangkok-Thailand (7)Bangkok-Thailand (10)

Take you time and walk around the little streets and markets here. You will find a lot of unusual things! When we say unusual than we really mean it, never forget that we come from Ecuador; one of our traditional plates is grilled hamster 😀

Bangkok-Thailand (15)Bangkok-Thailand (14)Bangkok-Thailand (12)Bangkok-Thailand (16)Bangkok-Thailand (11)

Here we had our first meet & greet with a Durian. Durian means spike and this made me wonder why it was named “spiky” making it sound cute when it should be named something like “La muerte” AND in Spanish to make it more dramático because it’s the only way I can explain how this fruit smells… it smells like the apocalypse! My esposo will explain it to you in a picture:Bangkok-Thailand (13)

And the always present Thai smile of this cool lady wrapping something that in our eyes looked like dragon skin… I tell ya…UN-USUAL!

Bangkok-Thailand (6)

After this we headed to the Flower Market, Pak Khlong Market, another must BUT please do take a tuk-tuk. We tried walking there and no, just no. The flower market is the biggest fresh flower market in Bangkok you will get completely lost in hundreds of different kind of flowers and yummy smells 🙂

Bangkok-Thailand (17)Bangkok-Thailand (18)Bangkok-Thailand (20)Bangkok-Thailand (21)Bangkok-Thailand (24)

These ladies here are making garbage baskets. Don’t ask me how I found out that these were garbage baskets 😀 So prettyyyy!

Bangkok-Thailand (28)

Oh oh and this chica down here was selling tiny flower necklaces and my esposo got me one. I smelled like a meadow for the rest of the day which in a 39°-140% humidity type of weather is a blessing!

Bangkok-Thailand (22)Bangkok-Thailand (23)

The market is near the river pier, so we had lunch there, muy muy recomendable! Many restaurants here offer drinks with some type of flower syrup or rose water and most of them are full of fresh flowers, it’s just a really nice ambiance. Don’t forget to try the green curry soup!

Bangkok-Thailand (27)Bangkok-Thailand (26)

After eating and getting our (probably) 10 Thai massage we decided to go rooftop-bar-drinking to the Lebua Sky Bar. Sadly we didn’t make it to the actual sunset, we only saw it shortly from the boat…

Bangkok-Thailand (30)

We got a bad feeling when we saw how well organized the directions to the elevators and the bar were and also when we saw how many teenagers there were waiting for the elevator 😀 I’ve got nothing against them young ones but they normally tend to visit overrated places. And it was that exact case. Upstairs they have two areas, one for drinks and another for dinner. The only drinks area has like 4 tables constantly full so you are left there standing against the wall waiting for someone to take you order. The cocktails there were around 20 Euros, yes that’s VEINTE EUROS without VAT and service. This shock coming from people who live in one of the most expensive cities in Europe! Since we were already there we said fiiiiiiiiine, we won’t send our children to the university, bring the cocktails! But the waiter never came, I took a million pictures and still no show. So we left. It seemed everybody was waiting forever and lines of people downstairs waiting to come up hmm no, there are hundreds of other rooftop bars in BKK waaaaaaay cooler than this one. Muy triste, but the movie really ruined this bar. O-VER-RATED (read it like Des-pa-cito). The view is of course muy caliente, that I can’t deny.

Bangkok-Thailand (32)Bangkok-Thailand (31)Bangkok-Thailand (33)Bangkok-Thailand (34)

To mitigate our cocktail frustration we drank cocos for the rest of the noche which is ALWAYS a great idea! With bellies as round as the coconut we went back to the other side of the river through Chinatown.

Bangkok-Thailand (35)Bangkok-Thailand (36)Bangkok-Thailand (37)

We passed by some street food market on our way back and given the fact that our bellies were only full of coconut water but not food we had to eat, again. If you ever see these small pancakes, don’t ask and just buy one (or 4). They are sweet but filled with different salty things like pork or dried fish…nom nom nom nom

Bangkok-Thailand (38)Bangkok-Thailand (39)

You see the nice Thai chico laughing? It was after I asked if he could give me the little squids “mai ped” meaning not spicy 😀 You know that cheesy quote from The Notebook “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird?” I told my husband “If you’re a dragon, I’m a dragon”. I ate that squid like a real Thai pers…. grrrhhg ghrrghh cough cough cough cough cough. Yup. It was everything BUT mai ped! You can call us Señor & Señora Dragón from now on.

And so another day, and our last day before leaving to the playa, in Bangkok, my third love. The city that pasito a pasito, suave, suavecito made us fall in love with Thailand.Bangkok-Thailand (1)

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