Thailand: Krabi chapter

What to do in Krabi in one and a half days.

Headphones por favor: I shall make you listen to this song until I finish my Thailand’s playas chapter, so just brace yourself!

Vamos a la playa, oh, oh, oh ,oh oh, but how? If you are in BKK the best way to move around is by plane. Cheap companies, fast and no problem at all. We took our no problem flight to Krabi and there we met our amigos ecuatorianos from school, to start our yearly roadtrip where we drink and eat (and also shop) everything that our eyes can see. We get along just perfect because of these reasons:

If you have amigos that can fulfill these memes, you are good to go!

So, Krabi. Because it was our first time in Thailand we always arranged a taxi from the hotel to pick us up at the airports. People in Thailand don’t speak that much English (which I completely understand and support!) so if you are planning to explain taxi drivers where your hotel is the day can go by really des-pa-ci-to. On the way to the hotel we could already see the amazing “Krabiresque” landscape and I swear even the mountains were mumbling that song you should be listening to right now 😀

Krabi (1)
Ao Nang

We had no idea how many beaches there were in Krabi and how different they all are. We stayed at Ao Nang beach because it’s in the center of all other beaches. The location was ok, but our hotel was way too far from the beach and next to a mosque, so it got pretty loud, pretty early. I would recommend to find a hotel near the beach with an ocean view because the sunsets here will make you wanna cry.

Krabi (27)

We rented a longtail boat(the speed-boat is ridiculously expensive) for our first island-hopping experience. Try to leave early, as your main goal when traveling in Thailand is to be one step ahead of the 100000² Chinese tourists. Also try to support the local people, don’t book at agencies that only promote mass tourism. Here are my favorite moments from the island hopping aventura.

Krabi (26)

Krabi (24)

Krabi (18)

Krabi (20)
Koh Poda
Krabi (21)
Koh Mor
Krabi (2)
Koh Mor
Krabi (25)
Phra Nang Cave
Krabi (3)
Phra Nang Cave

Si, si, this is exactly what you think it is. Some wooden private parts just chilling there. Since my abuela doesn’t read my blog, it’s ok to upload this pic.Krabi (23)Krabi (22)

In Railay beach you’ll find a bunch of restaurants to choose from. If the waiter doesn’t speak English, then that’s the place to eat at.

Krabi (10)
Railay Beach

After lunch go explore the island. We found a reaaaaally cool cave, where I started to understand why Batman is so obsessed with caves. Look at this:Krabi (16)Krabi (13)Krabi (14)

I wanted to stay here for the sunset but the boat guys were like “no no no the tide gets crazy wild no can do lady”. My staring-in-Spanish move didn’t affect them whatsoever so we packed our things before the sunset…buuut thank the Lord of Light for Thai punctuality! The boat was late so we got to experience this:

Krabi (11)
Sunset ballet

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