La Mitad del Mundo in Quito

Mitad del Mundo - Quito, Ecuador

La Mitad del what? Del mundo that is, sí, the middle of the world. The middle whooooole wide world! OK, OK, with new technologies like the GPS it was discovered that the exact center is actually some meters down the road, but we are going to ignore that fact forever for the sake of this blog post. This is one of the big tourist attractions in Quito, so a MUST! The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo is about 40 min from Quito and it has the exact location of the equator. Are you starting to guess why Ecuador is called Ecuador?

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That yellow line you see divides the two hemispheres, and I just realized my esposo is in the Norte and I am in the Sur which is freakishly accurate: He’s half German and half Ecuadorian from Quito, I am 75% from the southern coast of Ecuador, 24% from Quito and 1% psychopath. Also my esposo is very responsible, adulting in a normal way, punctual, organized and I am all of those too, only the contrary. Anyways, back to latitud 0 -0 -0. This is a really nice place to visit even as Ecuadorians and we mostly go there for the food #whatwedobest

My abuelitos looked not amused at all in this restaurant 😀 but even they found some yummy things. When in Ecuador don’t forget to order some “Locro de papa” with a little avocado and some “Tostado” which is a type of corn typical from Latinoamérica. My abuelo, being from the Costa of Ecuador is never fully amused with the Sierra food, just watch his face. But everything was forgotten the second they served him the coolest café ever with a tiny Mitad del Mundo on it.

Once outside we were delighted to find some programas culturales. Some cool traditional dancing and music which is always fun to see. We always get that proud feeling when we get to experience our country’s traditions 🙂

After this we went looking for some dessert, again #whatwedobest took some selfies with the abuela and got freaked out by a huge cloud wave coming down on us. This is why when in Quito, you have to always take a winter jacket, a summer jacket, sandals, rain boots, an umbrella and a poncho.

Here you will also find people doing weird things like this:

Mitad del Mundo - Quito, Ecuador - Ecuador in Munich (24)

So the huevo theory. The egg that is. The legend goes that you can balance an egg on a nail in the equator, but not anywhere else. Why? Because we Ecuatorianos say so, that’s why. In reality there’s no reason why this should be true, but let’s face it, if you are here you are going to try it out and you are going to have fun so again, for the sake of this blog post, let’s pretend it’s true!

So this was our fun day at the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo. Put it on your bucket list!


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María del Carmen Villafuerte de Almeida: Sí, that's my whole name. I'm a married Ecuadorian living in Germany's coolest city, München that is. I'll be helping you refresh your Spanglish through my aventuras with my familia around the world.

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