El Valle de la Luna, Atacama

Valle de la Luna

The desierto de Atacama keeps surprising us with more and more beautiful landscapes! After our fantastic first day  and after being completely dependent on té de coca, we got to meet this belleza.

Valle de la Luna (1)

The Valle de la Luna feels like another planet. Another galaxy far far away, where we kept waiting for Chewbacca or a Jedi master to pop out of the mountains. But none of them ever did.

Blow Dry Hair Dryer GIF

First stop: the cuevas. There are several caves that you must visit before sunset. It’s like seeing frozen waterfalls and you can’t stop taking pictures, but be careful because the sunset later on will take over all of your memory cards for sure! Oh and please never ever do whatever it is you see my esposo doing in any of our pictures. You have been warned 😀

When you are silent, you can hear the mountains making cracking noices. I didn’t say anything at the beginning because I was afraid of being high on coca té and actually find Chewbacca, but then when I heard other turistas saying the same thing, I thought ay gracias a Dios, then it’s true. The mountains are constantly moving and hearing them it’s out of this world. And then came the cueva. If you are kinda claustrophobic, then entering the caves is probably no bueno for ya. Theses caves will channel your inner Gollum. See here what I mean.

Sadly we didn’t find the “precious”, we climbed up up up the mountain and ended up here. Dayliiiiiiiight! Look at those infinate mountains.

So after Kasia the Polish chica and I finished striking poses (not) for my husband’s photoshoot, we headed to the main mountain. Here you see a lot of dunes, one bigger than the next, and then you get to meet the mother of dragons dunes. It’s a huge wall of sand formed by the wind throughout many many many years. I really wished I had worn another shirt, the blending in with the mother sand dune was truly not planned.

At the viewpoint, right around sunset, I lost control over taking pictures. That’s ok, but also take a break and take some time to appreciate the beauty around you because this type of landscape doesn’t just happen every day. The colors you see are so real and it’s even crazier in person.

Valle de la Luna

When the sol sets, you wanna get out of here. You don’t wanna get stuck with Gollums, Chewbaccas and talking mountains when it gets dark.

As is normal in the desierto it gets kinda cold after sunset so after one more photoshoot and after whatever that pic of us with the car was, we went home to get some drinks and snacks and socks and pants and headed to the middle of nowhere literally, to do a little stargazing, as one should in the Atacama. You get to see so many shooting stars you can even make a contest. The Atacama sky is actually the best sky in the world to do stargazing, so we took advantage of this every single night 🙂

Valle de la Luna

By the way: Saal Digital made us a wonderful proposal to try out their services and print some of our favorite pics. Since the desierto de Atacama is so full of colors and muy locas things we decided to make an album and oh, I was muy feliz when we got the results. Take a look!


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