I left my heart in Vigo, España

Or better said, I left my heart in Galicia!

Why Galicia? Well, I lived one year in Vigo during my university studies and I fell in love with its gente, its weather, its landscapes, its food and also its food. Oh and the food also 😀 Galicia is far away. It takes a while to get there and not maaaany people know it. On the one hand it’s great because that’s probably one of reasons why this province is still so authentic, but on the other hand, it’s so sooooo pretty that I wished everyone knew about it! So, while my esposo was channeling his inner pilgrim walking El Camino de Santiago Portugués, I decided to terrorize his peaceful walk and met him in Vigo.

Vigo Galicia (5)

The moment I stepped out of the plane, I felt back at home. That’s the thing about Vigo. We checked in and run outside as couldn’t wait to show my esposo all the hidden gems in this city. The center of the city is small but full of cool shops. Galicia is the homeland of Inditex aka Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka and Co. This means the prices here, well, they drop it like it’s hot! As always don’t forget to park your significant other in a café drinking some “Clarita” beer and eating some tapas.

Vigo Galicia (8)

Vigo Galicia (10)

One panadería aka bakery I love is the Sémola one. The cakes here: ay Dios mío!

Vigo Galicia (18)

Vigo Galicia (1)

Vigo Galicia (20)

Once you get here, to where this weirdo  beautiful mermaid man is (who could easily be a minion of Lucifer), the Casco Viejo, the old town, begins.

Vigo Galicia (14)

Tell me he isn’t weird?! Anyways, the best restaurants are in the Casco Viejo. There are several Plazas surrounded by tiny restaurants full of Gallegos. A must? Pulpo a la Gallega. Don’t even bother asking what it is just order it and thank me later.

Vigo Galicia (3)

Vigo Galicia (4)

Vigo Galicia (45)

During the sunset go take a walk at the pier and simply get lost in the narrow streets.

Vigo Galicia (36)

Vigo Galicia (35)

Vigo Galicia (32)

Vigo Galicia (33)

Vigo Galicia (38)

Vigo Galicia (6)

Vigo Galicia (2)

Oh and also buy some souvenirs at the typical Galicien shops like these ones. And if you see a church just go in there, they never disappoint in Galicia.

Vigo Galicia (27)

Vigo Galicia (26)

Vigo Galicia (31)

Vigo is full of colors, loud and fun throughout the day, still the city seems to come alive at night. Children playing in the plazas at 12PM is a normal thing here and I love it!

Vigo Galicia (46)

Vigo Galicia (47)

Vigo Galicia (51)

Vigo Galicia (7)

So, this was our first day in Vigo. Imagine how my year there was haha. Vigo stole my heart back then and this time around, oops he did it again!

britney spears oops GIF

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