Vamos a Hanoi, Vietnam

Bienvenidos to Hanoi or should I say Xin Chào Hanoi! Our adventures in Hanoi, Vietnam. A boat ride, street food and lots of laughs.

A weekend in Madrid #olé

Our amigos españoles got married over the weekend in Madrid, so there really is no better excuse than a wedding to travel. Here’s how we tour Madrid like there’s no tomorrow.

What do to in Bangkok when you tour like the apocalypse is coming in 72 hours – Part 3

You know that song “Despacito” that’s been getting into our limbic system for what it feels like 14 years now? Well there is nothing despacito about Bangkok and you shouldn’t despacito your way into the city either. Bangkok has more sides to it than a latin woman, so on our third day we slept less hours, woke up earlier, drank more thai coffees and headed to Chinatown!

Take your jacket and vamos to the ecuadorian mountains

In Latinoamérica there’s a saying that goes “En el mar, la vida es más sabrosa” meaning at the sea life is more “tasty”. Though it sounds just lame in English, you know what we mean; there’s something about the sea that attracts every homo sapiens on earth. In spite of this fact, we (or rather I) decided to explore more of the “Sierra”, the mountain part of the country.

The suegros, the valley, the fruit markets

When the city is not enough, flee to the valleys Wait, take out your headphones for this week’s’ soundtrack: click here. When you get married, you become one person, (that’s what the priest told us on our wedding day so it must be true), so when we go to Ecuador we have one huuuuuge family to visit….